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Sesto F.no ( Fi ) 50019
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November 2010

now in studio IL CARICO DEI SUONI SOSPESI..soon more newish news!!!


here they are again : from Florence QUIET AFTER STORM. new line up and new ideas. they produce some new songs even more stylish and powerful....That's great Guys!!!

October 2010

In studio from Milan DA ROZZO CRIU'...trash pop beyond human wondering capabilities.... they say of themselves: "...the most offending white trash combo of the whole Italian country ".....soon the mastering and release.
for lovers also suggested http://www.orrorea33giri.com/

September 2010

This month begins recording some vocal takes for the new-born electronic project ILARIA WAVE a Florence-Berlin duo going from italian neew-wave to elegant europena electro-dance.
.....winter will bring us some good results....


scoring and voiceovers for a multimedia DVD presented by Regione Lombardia

August 2010

Mastering of the album "Sfumature" for the power trio from Versilia INDIGO..This Italians Rock like a bomb!....coming out in october for Inconsapevole records


It's now complete mastering of ONE NIGHT STAND debut album...after the proper amount of compresion it's a real energy spreading blow.
Punkrock saves your soul!....


Recording some lectures about eco-architecture for the media communication company ACOUSTICGUIDE

July 2010

THE JASH are giving me no rest!!!
..this time we are doing a radio edit mix for their single "Il mondo a settembre"...coming out for Kizmaiaz/Audioglobe


this month we have NOMANELSENSOSI : from Lucca , this eclectic duo Guit+Vox+Laptop and Drums+Pad will make you travel out of the already known bounds..recording and mixing of their first official E.P.....italian labels open your ears!

June 2010

ready for the pressing plant the HAZEY TAPES work....latest corrections and mastering of their debut....very soon their release!!


FONOGRAFIE are back in studio for the mastering. soon you will hear part of ther numbers on their myspace...connect!


actor STANLEY TUCCI ( main role in E:R series, among other hits..) recording some voice-overs for AT&T advertising

May 2010

In studio FONOGRAFIE recording their second work, produced by the band.
Italian Rock, intense, hypnotic with superbe lyrics.


Out now the press article of EL-SOP Recording studio on

April 2010

from Livorno one of the most interesting Punkrock band of the Tuscan area.
they produce a REALLY exciting full-lenght .
Veeeeeeery good!!!


Finally out new BLUE POPSICLE " Visions of a Visionary " E.P.
! ! ! GREAT ! ! !


IL CARILLON at Il Neto to record their material.
genuine ROCK with no ways of mean!!

March 2010

Tomaso Ceri and his THE JASH invade the studio for the making of a new E.P. :
" Il Mondo a Settembre " with the magic Franco Santarnecchi producing. they create four tracks of poetry avanguard and superior musicality
wonderful notes...and zen!....take a listen!!


Garage , Rock or Psycho-Love-Fuzz-Experience???...you say it!! in studio
THE CASANOVAS to record the new album. Outrageously big drums and weird distorted bass lines.....stardust and R'n'R for everybody!!!


songwriter FRANCESCO BASSI records his first solo album..Acoustic guitars and voice, between blues, rock and folk, proposing original scores and delicate covers of international artists...big technique and style.

February 2010

Out in the stores the long awaited PAY: "La Ragazza col Coltello"
10 tracks of real good punkrock, electronic and rock ballads....Listen and Trust!

....the tour follows up!


HAZEY TAPES in the house: pure dynamite!...two guitars, drums and voice (...and what a Voice!!!). Recording and mixing for an inflammable mix of Garage / Punk / Rock'n'Roll.


Some good ol' Punkrock...from Lombardia FRITTY PROPAGANDA making their debut at EL-SOP Recording Studio!!!
....tum-pa, tu-tu-pa, tum-pa, tu-tu-pa, tum-pa, tu-tu-pa, tum-pa, tu-tu-pa.....

December 2009 / January 2010

Coproducing new E.P. of uncontrollable tuscan rockers
BLUE POPSICLE. new songs, even more powerful, and very clear ideas...."..it's only rock'n'roll but i like it..."


Marco Fontana is recording basic tracks of his solo project.

November 2009

always touring, touring and touring for the italian gigs of SICK TAMBURO


visiting the studio SILENZIO E' SEXYfor some drums and bass ...


Tomaso Ceri and THE JASH are back for some live recording of new material...preproduction has just begun..

October 2009

Ladies (and gents..) :


just bounced the new devastating mixes of Valerio Recenti
and his dutch band.

! Rock ! Rock ! Rock !


SCREAM OF QUOLL demo session

August / Septemb 2009

in studio D-ROD Punk Hardcore from Viareggio and Pisa. Recording , Mix and mastering of their debut album "Something Filthy Inside"


..continues tour with SICK TAMBURO through Italy..


Completed the mixes at EL-SOP for the upcoming release of the PAY

"La Ragazza col Coltello"..... this is hard stuff !!!!

July 2009

...meanwhile live dates with SICK TAMBURO and TRE ALLEGRI RAGAZZI MORTI...


Tomaso Ceri and his THE JASH give life to some new songs :Dreaming Lyrics and outer space arrangements: very cool stuff!


mastering promo by SEDICIOREDISONNO...


in studio QUIET AFTER STORM for a demo of a Crossover melodic nu-metal explosive mixture....

June 2009

here they are: BLUE POPSICLE live demo recording, ultrasonic timetable and energy...buy a ticket for the UK


FUNKY BEATS down on the beat working on their promo.....you still can hear big soul-funk echoing back from the old school!


Mastering of the VANZ album completed...stay punk!

May 2009

the SEDICIOREDISONNO working on their new demo.
last generation synth-pop- new wave!

April 2009

out on the 3rd of april for La Tempesta

new album by SICK TAMBURO !


March 2009

GABRIELE CANOCCHI writes, arrange, records and produces "in3pezzi" promo of the new elettro-pop from Florence


January 2009


December 2008

in the studio VANZ from S.Stefano (Gr) mixing their album....get prepared for a tidal wave of melodic punkrock!!


LAFABBRICA gets in...we're tuning drums....


SICK TAMBURO: mixing some tunes from their debut album

...get prepared!!!

November 2008

band PAY formed by Mr Granchio and Mr Pinguino, after the recording sessions come back in to mix the album